Burgundy For Your Budget

I’ve been a fan of dark lips for a while now, so when I saw an article in Elle explaining why dark burgundy lipstick looks so good on everyone, I was thrilled!

(READ HERE! And find the lipstick they are talking about HERE!)

Now, I have nothing against the brand, but if I’m spending $52 on lipstick… Haha wait, no… I wouldn’t spend $52 on lipstick. 

Instead, I set out to find the best alternatives possible. Here are 3 that I urge you to try:


(From left to right)

  1. Revlon Black Cherry, $8 at Ulta
  2. MAC Diva, $17 at MAC
  3. NARS Scarlet Empress, $28 at Sephora

All of them deliver a rich, highly pigmented color that lasts as long as you need it to! Their wearability is incredible! 

Give dark lips a try, and let me know how it goes!

(Wearing Scarlet Empress)

Thanks for reading!



Mission Possible: Finding The Perfect Red


So, red lipstick is kind of a staple in my makeup case. (My boyfriend is probably going to chuckle at this because he knows the truth – my makeup case is actually a big Nike shoe box, but that’s besides the point) “Red lipstick” is about as broad as “coffee” or “shoes.” It’s an umbrella term. There’s fire engine, brick, cranberry, poppy, etc. etc. etc. I have tried a plethora of reds – different shades, brands, finishes. I believe that I have found the most perfect red lipstick and I want to share my knowledge with all of you who cared enough to scroll through my blog!

Mac has a special place in my heart. Always has and always will. Honestly, it took my lipstick virginity and as you all know, you never really forget your first time! After playing the field, trying out different shades, having mediocre relationships with other brands, and always being left feeling less than satisfied with my opinions, I fell back into the arms of Mac Cosmetics. ~*~*2getha 4evaaa*~*~ Standing at the Mac Counter in Macy’s at Destiny USA with my friend, Sara – both kind of tipsy on the birthday margaritas she had just treated me to at Cantina Laredo – I put on Ruby Woo and knew my search was over! I had found it: The Perfect Red! Ultra high pigmented, matte, and for the lack of a better term just freaking PERFECT. And did it mention only $16?!??

I have since seen this lipstick paired with every skin tone, lip size, & hair color and it looks amazing every single time! I would suggest it to absolutely everyone looking for a beautiful, super long-lasting red lipstick. (Also, it’s a blue red so it makes your teeth look stark white! Always a plus!) GO GET IT! WEAR IT! ENJOY IT LIKE I DO!
As always, contact me with questions or comments! Here’s a link to purchase Ruby Woo for yourself & a photo to see how it looked on my mug!

RUBY WOO! Buy here!