Pre-Fall: Sweaters and Cargo Pants

September in New York State is a very confusing time. We are right on the verge of fall, but afternoons are still full of the summer heat. I call this time “Pre-Fall.”

During this glorious period I start wearing darker “fall” colors, pants, and sweaters, but am not yet wearing scarves, boots, or jackets.

This morning my outfit looked like this 👇👇👇

I recently purchased this adorable sweater from Banana Republic. You can’t really see it, but just trust me? ($20 at their factory store on Vestal Parkway!) Banana Republic is making it very easy to stock up on cute fall clothing. Their sales have been incredible! The cargo pants are from Gap. (Just $25!) Both pieces are soft and durable while not being too thick. With the Pre-fall afternoons reaching 70-80 degrees, it’s important to wear breathable fabrics!

My flats are from Target. (Sam & Libby, on sale- $13) I wear them all the time and they have held up so well! To add just the littlest bit of “pop” I paired this outfit with a gold studded cuff that was also purchased at Target, on sale, for ~$5.

I agree that “you pay for what you get,” but finding good quality pieces on sale = getting good quality clothing at cheap prices! No shame in my game.

ANYWAY, Happy Pre-fall! Now go prematurely drink your Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! 🎃