Rainy Day in Binghamton

These past few days have been absolutely beautiful here in Binghamton! Today, unfortunately, it decided to rain. (I’ll still take that over snow at this point though, so I won’t complain!) It’s probably warm enough to wear this without the tights, but the rain really made them seem necessary.


Today’s post features quite a casual, yet work appropriate look – a t-shirt dress, tights, and tie-up ballet flats. (The dress is much longer when I’m not sitting in the big fuzzy chair in my office!) I’m completely in love with this dress, and how versatile it is. A few weeks ago I wore it out to a birthday dinner, and now I’m wearing it to work. By changing up my shoes/tights/jacket/accessories, I was able to create a completely different look – I think that’s pretty great. (Especially when you’re working on a budget!)



Anyway, have a wonderful Thursday, and shop my Rainy Day Work Outfit below:



Shoes (I love the grey ones, too! 😍)








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